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SEC Filings

EQUINIX INC filed this Form 424B5 on 02/28/2019
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listed on the NASDAQ Global Select Market, from engaging under certain circumstances in a business combination with any interested stockholder for three years following the date that such stockholder became an interested stockholder. For purposes of DGCL Section 203, a business combination includes, among other things, a merger or consolidation involving us and the interested stockholder and the sale of 10% or more of our assets. In general, DGCL Section 203 defines an interested stockholder as any entity or person beneficially owning 15% or more of our outstanding voting stock and any entity or person affiliated with or controlling or controlled by such entity or person. A Delaware corporation may opt out of DGCL Section 203 with an express provision in its original certificate of incorporation or an express provision in its certificate of incorporation or bylaws resulting from amendments approved by the holders of at least a majority of the corporation’s outstanding voting shares. We have not opted out of the provisions of DGCL Section 203 in our certificate of incorporation or bylaws.

Forum Selection

Our bylaws include a forum selection provision providing that, unless the Company consents in writing, a state court located in the State of Delaware (or, if no state court located within the State of Delaware has jurisdiction, the federal district court for the District of Delaware) will be the sole and exclusive forum for any stockholder to bring any derivative action, any action asserting a claim of breach of fiduciary duties, any action asserting a claim arising from a provision of the Delaware General Corporation Law or the certificate of incorporation or our bylaws or any action asserting a claim governed by the internal affairs doctrine.

Transfer Agent and Registrar

The transfer agent and registrar for the shares of our common stock is Computershare Trust Company, N.A.


Any debt securities we may issue will constitute either senior or subordinated debt of Equinix. Any debt securities that are sold may be exchangeable for and/or convertible into common stock or any of the other securities that may be sold under this prospectus. Any debt securities will be issued under an indenture between us and U.S. Bank National Association, as trustee, or one or more separate indentures between us and a designated trustee. We will include in a prospectus supplement the specific terms of each series of senior or subordinated debt securities being offered, including the terms, if any, on which a series of senior or subordinated debt securities may be convertible into or exchangeable for other securities. In addition, the material terms of any indenture, which will govern the rights of the holders of our senior or subordinated debt securities, will be set forth in the applicable prospectus supplement.


We may issue warrants to purchase our debt or equity securities or securities of third parties or other rights, including rights to receive payment in cash or securities based on the value, rate or price of one or more specified commodities, currencies, securities or indices, or any combination of the foregoing. Warrants may be issued independently or together with any other securities and may be attached to, or separate from, such securities. Each series of warrants will be issued under a separate warrant agreement to be entered into between us and a warrant agent. The terms of any warrants to be issued and a description of the material provisions of the applicable warrant agreement will be set forth in the applicable prospectus supplement.


We may issue purchase contracts for the purchase or sale of:



debt or equity securities issued by us or securities of third parties, a basket of such securities, an index or indices of such securities or any combination of the above as specified in the applicable prospectus supplement;