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SEC Filings

EQUINIX INC filed this Form 425 on 10/02/2002
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Our service now extends to six countries and fourteen IBX centers, access to more than 100 network service providers and includes a broadened portfolio of Internet exchange and value-added services.
Panther and iJaguar both offer managed services. Will you continue to offer these services?
The company will continue to provide the same services of the three combined entities post merger.
In addition, the company will remain network-neutral in all locations, providing customers with the best choice of networks for the greatest operational flexibility, performance, and cost-efficiencies. Equinix will continue to offer customers a choice of services providers in all locations.
What is the name of the new company? What will the brand be in Asia?
The combined company will remain operating under Equinix, Inc in the United States and in Asia-Pacific.
How will the company be organized?
Further details on company organization will be announced subsequently. The transaction is targeted for completion at year-end.
What is the status of Equinix’s Interxion partnership in Europe?
The partnership with Interxion remains unchanged. We will continue to work with Interxion on behalf of our customers needing Internet infrastructure and exchange services in Europe.
What is the status of i-STT’s JV partnership with The Nation Group in Bangkok, Thailand?
i-STT’s JV partner for i-STT Bangkok—The Nation Multimedia Group—fully supports this transaction and is equally excited by this global opportunity. i-STT Bangkok will remain a subsidiary of the new Equinix.
How can I get additional information?
Please visit the company web site at www.equinix.com for current information on products, services and company news.
Who is Equinix?
Equinix is the leading provider of core Internet exchange services that allow networks, Internet infrastructure companies, enterprises and content providers to grow, manage and control their network and Internet operations for unparalleled performance. Through the company’s seven Internet Business Exchange (IBX®) centers, customers can directly interconnect with the providers that serve more than 90% of the world’s Internet networks and users for their critical peering, transit and traffic exchange requirements. These interconnection points facilitate the highest performance and growth of the Internet by serving as neutral and open marketplaces for