Public Policy Activities

Public Policy Activities at Equinix
As a global corporation and employer, Equinix operates in many political and regulatory environments.  Equinix believes that participation in the public policy process is in the long-term interest of our company and our stockholders.   Equinix does so primarily through membership in trade associations, participation in global forums, and representation before governments who are considering regulation or legislation that may affect our business.  

Equinix is currently represented on six trade groups, including the Internet Infrastructure Coalitions (i2C), the Information Technology Industry Association (ITI), the IT Alliance for Public Sector (ITAPS), the Environmental Leadership Council (ELC), the EU Data Center Association (EUDCA) and the Northern Virginia Technology Council (NVTC). Equinix does not contribute to these groups beyond its membership dues and regularly reviews the costs and benefits of each membership. These trade associations may sometimes take positions that do not align with Equinix's views.  Our Public Policy Director periodically reviews Equinix's memberships in these trade associations to determine whether they remain consistent with Equinix's public policy objectives.

In all regions and metros throughout the world, Equinix conducts its policy activities with strict attention to all legal and ethical requirements and does so in a transparent manner.  As required by the U.S. Lobby Disclosure Act (LDA), Equinix files quarterly reports on its federal lobbying activities.  Current and past LDA reports filed by Equinix can be found on the Lobbying Disclosure Filing Search page.

Equinix does not make political contributions nor does it have a Political Action Committee (PAC).  Under the Equinix Code of Business Conduct, company employees are prohibited from making or committing to political contributions on behalf of Equinix.  As required by the LDA, Equinix files semi-annual reports, which affirm these points.  These reports can be accessed through the Lobby Contribution Filing Search page on the Lobbying Disclosure page of the U.S. Congress.

Equinix’s public policy function was launched in January 2017 and reports into Equinix’s Compliance Office. The Governance Committee of the Board of Directors receives governmental affairs briefings on the function’s activities from the Public Policy Director twice each year.